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Peter Voice
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Default Memorabilia?

Over the last 20 years, I and the other members of Chalk Circle have produced several pieces that have featured other performers at various events.

We have recently bought a major 'Giclee' printer to reproduce some of our work as signed limited edition prints. Whilst pavement art has been our 'reason d'etat' for many years, we all do other work and this is a new opportunity for us to earn more from that work. As most people know, we make shit money on the street.

We are going through our photographic archives and will be producing a set of limited edition prints of our works that feature other street performers. These will be numbered and signed by the pavement artist/s that created the work and only 50 pieces of each print will be produced. These are not cheap inkjet prints. They are ASTM standard archival inks on archival water-colour paper. Each print is approx. 16” x 12” (40cm x 30cm)

The first print is mostly my work and is a poster I made in ’93 to promote some of my comic works. It contains a piece from the Brisbane comedy festival that features Mr Peepee (Tim Tyler), Butterfly (not Robert but another one) as Very Long John Silver, the Flying Dutchmen (alright, it’s only Jean-Michel’s foot but I got the unicycle), the “Friends of Moira”, Steve Scott’s rock-star puppet “Clem”, Aggro and another performer who’s name escapes me (can any one help). The poster also contains the controversial “Saddam Hussein” pic for the Melbourne comedy festival ( see thread “Adventures with Andrew” in Blah, Blah, Blah ), the pics “White man conquers the Great Southern Land” and “Safe bathing Techniques in the Ganges” both of which caused me to be accused of racism. The other 2 pics are “The Great Waiter’s Race Disaster of ‘90”, a collaboration with Ulla Taylor at Lygon St Festival in ‘92 and a visualisation of the Henry Lawson’s classic comic Australian poem “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” which was a collaborative show with street poet Alan Lovett. The last pic on the poster is by Bev Isaac for the Melb. Comedy Fest. ’89.

As stated before, only 50 pieces have been printed and they will be numbered and signed by myself, Bev and Ulla. They are $US100 each delivered any-where worldwide.

Future works feature Richie (naked and pre-tattoo), Jeff Bradley, Kate the Great, Petra, Cassell??, JJ, Delta Dave, Christoff and others, all drawn by the artists of Chalk Circle.

Hope you all like it and that you might send this page to any-one else who might be interested.

Email me at if you want a bigger version to check out.
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Every-one should watch their drawers!

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