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Post Performing Resources and Other Networks

Celebration Barn - Legendary theater school in Maine

ClownLink - Links to all things clown and wonderful

Street Biz - Dom's Aussie performer pages

Street Arts Advocates - Huge street performer resource: Legal Info, Pitch Directory, etc. - Arts and entertainment jobs, crew, resources

The Performers Directory

The Puppetry Home Page - Puppetry Resource/Community

Puppets in Prague - Marionette Carving Workshops in Prague!

Circus Center of San Francisco - Circus School

Clown Conservatory - The only professional clown training program in the US

Balloon HQ - Mega resource for balloon artists. Huge amount of information.

Wild West Performers - Western Performer database and information.

Jimmy Talksalot - Instructional Blog for Magicians

Abundance Bound - Financial education for actors and artists

Fitch Magic - Bob Fitch, Entertainer Coach

Performer Liability Insurance - International Jugglers Association

Harmonica Academy - Learn to play harmonica online

Harmonica Busking - A guide

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Default I've started a website for performers in NYC

I wasn't sure where this would fit, so I'm posting this thread in a couple of places. Sorry!

Hi everyone,
I've recently started a website, There are no commercials or membership fees, and it's not asking anyone to register, it's simply to showcase the talents of performers in New York City (preferably Manhattan; I'm on a bike!). The aim, eventually, would be to show tourists that New York's talents can be accessed for a $2 MTA ride, and these artists aren't beggars, they're professionals.

Basically, I ride to meet (or chance upon) performers, dancers, musicians, painters and any other street artists with a camera, camcorder and digital audio recorder. I take footage, interview them (if they like), and upload them and their details onto the site, from which they can be contacted by others, or simply enjoyed. I have a map that shows where I bumped into people, so residents and tourists can see who's near.

If anyone would like to be showcased on the website, please contact me at


P.S., to see what I'm talking about, here are some pages:

P.P.S., there are a couple of other things on the site that are my whims, which you can ignore.
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Clown Physical Theatre. Meyerhold Biomechanics. Stanislavsky. M.Chekhov & more...

Physical Theatre
Meyerhold Biomechanics
Michael Chekhov
& more...

International events for professional performers take place
in different countries
Organized by IUGTE

Photo Gallery of the past events:
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If you go to my site, you'll see all these links in the sidebar, but here's a list of just their names:

* All About Magicians
* Busker Advocates
* Busker Central
* Buskers and Busking Resources
* Circostrada Network
* Community Arts Advocates
* Drum Circle
* FestiFools
* First Amdendment Center
* Gio Andolo
* Live Journal/buskers
* Lonely Planet/street performers
* Market for African Performing Arts
* Playing for Change
* R&R World
* Rhythm of London
* Robert Lederman, A.R.T.I.S.T/yahoo group
* Robert Lederman, A.R.T.I.S.T/youtube
* Sidewalk Performers (freeforums)
* Street Biz (Australia)
* Street Musician Day in Villnius, Lithuania
* The World Championship of Street Magicians
* Undercover New York
* Viscount Entertainment
* Vocalist Busking Links
* Wooster Collective

Facebook Groups

* Busking is an art, not a crime (Hamilton, Ontario)
* Edinburgh Street Performers
* Free Buskers of Canada
* Save Covent Garden Buskers
* Save Covent Garden Street Theater
* The Calgary Buskers
* The Facebook Buskers group
* Victoria International Buskers Festival


* 1 Giant Leap
* 10min4walls
* Busker World
* Craftivist Collective
* Jimmy Talksalot
* Kayla "Classy" Morse
* Kirsten Anderberg
* Molly Dilworth
* Paper Cone Stories
* Street Note
* The Busker Movement (Youtube)
* The Egg Man
* Toytrain (Blake Luley)
* We Are The Multitute (WA™)
* Where on Earth is Waldo?
* World Busk (Haiti Relief)

Clickable links @
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biomechanics, meyerhold, new york buskers, new york street artists, new york streets, physical theatre, stanislavsky,

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