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Apple Calgary Alberta??????

hey There,
has anyone ever busked in calgary? Been debating it for awhile but don't know much about "the scene" way over there. Any info would be great!

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I've been based out of Calgary for six years. I wouldn't say it is a hotbed for street performing. I've managed to make it work for me but I know others who have come through town and not had great success. Obviously Stampede time is when the city goes crazy and tourists flock from all over the world. They usually have their biggest influx of buskers at that time although recent years has only brought South American bands. Stephen Ave is a pedestrian mall that encourages busking. You have to get a permit but it's cheap and easy. It works Monday to Friday but forget it on the weekend. Eau Claire Market and it's surroundings is a decent spot on the weekend. Recently the city has started sticking their nose in the city's busking program and things haven't quite worked themselves out yet. Could be some problems for buskers on the horizon. That's the skinny on busking in Cowtown.
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