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Daniel Craig
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Smile Banff

I'm heading to Banff, AB on a "vacation" in late May for a week.

I'm just wondering, because the place is overrun with tourists- Is there any workable pitches in Banff for a good sized circle show?
Anyone worked Banff before? Experiences? Comments? All would be welcome.

Thanks a ton.
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Tourists are definitly there. Tried working it twice actually. Last time was probally 2-3 years ago though. Never did find a good place for a proper circle show, but got off a kickin walk-by that verged on one. RCMP were really good to me when I decided to move into the middle of the street, since I was running out of room for the crowd. Actually just asked how long I was going to be and not to work too late. They do have a festival each year, where you can do circle shows in the park, etc.. Missed it, so can't tell you if it's good or not. Supposed to be a permit to buy, but didn't bother the last time through. First time I tried going by the rules, and got stuck in an area without any people traffic. The Caribou seemed to like it though. Hope that helps. P.S. if the locals like you they might bring you to the hidden hot spring. (Reason I stop in every time I tour Canada)

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