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Magic Brian
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Post Amsterdam

I'm flying into Amsterdam July 5th and was thinking about doing some shows there before heading to Copenhagen. I'm looking for some pitches to work. Where? When? Someone please help me.
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Hi Brian,
thanks for the time in N.Y.C!If you are going to Amsterdam the pitch is "Litesaplane" I think the spelling is wrong but you will find it!I work it during the day aswell as at night,there is a line up system but you will work it out!
The performers that I know that work it regularly are "Frank,Bert,and two rap dancers" They are all cool,and let them know you know me and i am sure they will look after you!
Also my good mate Nick Nickalos works there doing a magic show quite often!

Good luck .. LDR
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Rich Potter
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It's spelled "Leidseplein"

A "Plein" is a plaza, or a place, or a town square.

It is pronounced , LIED suh PLYNE

Also the park around the corner from Leidseplein is worked on the weekends during the day.

You can do well with an English show there because, as many people there say, "OF COURSE I speak English! This is HOLLAND!"

Rich Potter
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