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Dead Wood Records
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Post Aboriginie

Hey there all of you!

I have a freind in Sydney who plays on Circular Quay, he's the fantasic guy and plays his didge and is a special guy!

I am wishing to contact him as I think i might be able to get him over here for a number of festivals, if I can manage it I will arrange for a number of festivals to pay for his flight jointly!

I feel sure that he will remember me, just tell him that I am the guy from York, he went there a few years ago.

Can some-one ask him if he's got an e.mail address yet or if he hasn't can you take him to the Internet cafe and show him how to use the system if he doesn't.

When you see him give him my love as I have a lot of respect for him, he is the only aboriginie I know who planted one of his flags on my soil.

Do you best and search for him at least then this will prove that "Has Any-one seen" does actually work.

If anything you can give him my address and you can ask him to send me a decent picture and some newspaper cuttings!

My address is:

Slaghekstraat 52A
3074 LN Rotterdam
The Nederlands

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Trevor Rooney


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you're going to have to be more specific as there are quite a few..
If any of the following names ring a bell let me know which one..
Alan Dargin (in town, see Street Biz for pic)
Gynnarnuwhare Waitairie (in Europe)
Johnny Marshall

PS Got your email. will answer asap
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