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Cool Filming street is problematic

Once a person has a worthy street act and wants to do some filming that festival producers want to see,where should you film from???Is it more important to be able to hear crowd response or see crowd response,Stationary or roving?I wouldn't be able to get away with setting up a tall ladder for my crew of one to get an overhead view.Everything happens in front of me so do I film my back?That even sounds like a stupid question?
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Mr.Taxi Trix
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Its a very intelligent question. Break down and buy a camera, and video every show for awhile. Get used to the idea of being filmed as you work. Really. It takes a few shows in front of the camera to get the edge off. I like to show audience response and me, so yes, there are shots of me from behind. I work a circle, so sometimes I can get both. The best span is from an aggressive camera holder who will move around you and get it all, without making the viewer dizzy later. (Yeah, a professional.) It does pay, though, to just stick a camcorder on a tripod for every show, getting a volunteer to steer it. Shoot a truckload. You can pull 3-5 good minutes from 120 even on a brutal day. Its worth it, you must must must have a great video.
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also its amazing what power editing has. If it is cut well, ie, has a rhythm- perhaps a middle bit that has fast edits to music of all your stupid faces or daft walks or whatever you do, coupled with a longer piece that has audience laughter- it then has a story of its own. After all, a video is a thing in itself and although it is selling your longer show it needs to be entertaining in 3 minutes.
putting a backing track to at least half of it gets rid of the naff sound that street video has, and also sounds professional i reckon...
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I do not think that it would be good to show your back....EVER...
very ameteurish. Instead, have closeups of the audiences reactions taken. In other rwords, you do not have to be in the same frame.
We spent years trying to get a good video, and other people would take them, too.
Finally we hired a professional , and it was worth every cent.
I think it is always smart to hire a pro.....they are well schooled in capturing peoples facial expressions as they enjoy your show.
You can see part of our video on our website.
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