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Default New Website - Promo Pack

Well, My Online Promo Pack is Online

More Pictures will be available asap

James Blaxall
Buster Juggler

Just for your Interest!
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Default Nice PP

Thanks for the idea. (I obviously do caricatures) I am in the process of trying to tie my fine artwork/painting business into my caricature business on the site. I think something like this is just what I need. It keeps it short and sweet. Nice job.
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Default Navigation?

Why can you only navigate the site from one page? It would be helpful to visitors go to any page they want without having to back up to the home page. Its kind of annoying. I found your picture page by accident. I was wondering what the yellow thing at the bottom was. First impressions, thats all.
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Club I'll be blunt, but it's for your own good.

ditto what larry said. big time.

the pages shouldn't just be big images. Make your resume and everything in text so that people can cut and paste. If you can, make some links to download this information.

The site looks silly and cheesy and like it's from the eighties.

Either get a good illustrator to fix your logo a lot or get rid of it.

you should have your photo big on the front page.

Don't use the photo with glasses unless you perform in them.

the photo page is more important than the other links. In your video, I can't see what you look like.

It's nice of you to put a "links" page in, but it don't help you sell yourself.

your promo video is a little too long and I can't understand anything you're saying
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