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Guitar Call for participation - Conference - April 21-24

Please feel free to forward the invitation to your colleagues - performers, teachers, students!

International Conference
"Performing Arts Training Today"

April 21-24
Bovec, Slovenia

PROGRAMME: practical workshops, presentations, lectures.

There are some places for reduced participation fee (up to 50% discount for students).

"Dramatic Monologues: Friel and the Greek Example" - Workshop with Rush Rehm - actor, director, teacher, and Courtney Walsh - actress (USA).
This is the workshop on the challenges of preparing and performing long dramatic monologues. Participants will explore the function and significance of the solo dramatic voice in contemporary drama via its roots in ancient Greek theater. Using a workshop/performance model, participants will try to grapple with the challenges facing contemporary actors and to shed some insight into how these challenges might be met.

"Performer's Physicality in the Methods of Meyerhold, M.Chekhov, Stanislavsky" -
Workshop with Sergei Ostrenko (Russia).
Intensive practical training session. The process will develop in the form of various practical exercises which progress from simple to compound. Gradually the group will proceed to group improvisations and structures. Participants will explore physicality as the principal creative instrument of a performer, as the key to form, style, atmosphere and emotional palette in contemporary performance.

"Opening Up Inside" - Workshop with Tony Cealy - theatre and arts practitioner, workshop facilitator and trainer (UK).
Practical workshop exploring effective questioning techniques that open up discussion for performers and helps participants describe their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour for personal learning and greater group cohesion and trust.

"Study the Culture to Understand the Dance; Study the Dance to Understand the Culture" - Lectures/demonstrations with Colleen West - dancer, choreographer, teacher (USA).
The presentation will demonstrate solutions to motivate dancers to transform the style, mood, and symbolism of a particular culture into their expression of movement.

The Art Form and Presentation of Tap Dance" - The lecture will give insight on writing course outlines, creating exams on various topics for tap such as; composition, improvisation, performance, style, technique, time analysis, movement analysis, and developing curriculum for university programs or dance studios.

"New Paradigms of Performance Matrix: Child development, apprenticeship, people-specific training, life-long learning, and re-training for performing in mature years".
"Embodying Ideas - Acting for Dancers, Dancing for Actors: Crossing disciplines practicum towards a total theater expression" - Workshop and lecture with Slobodan Dan Paich - dance maker and theater director (USA).

No Separation of Church and Dance - presentation with Noelle Partusch - dancer, choreographer, teacher (USA).
Participants will learn practical skills for creating liturgical dance for various age groups and experience levels and ideas for collaborating with clergy and church musicians on incorporating dance to enhance contemporary and traditional worship experiences.

Please follow the news of the programme!
The list of confirmed events is being updated regularly.

Programme details:
Accommodation and venue:

The conference will take place in Bovec, the mountain resort located in north-western Slovenia in the Julian Alps (near the Austrian and Italian border). Nearest airports: Ljubljana (Slovenia), Klagenfurt (Austria), Trieste (Italy).
Accommodation and meals are organized for the group.

To apply for participation, please send your brief CV/resume with photo and a cover letter to
If you are applying for the reduced fee, include the request in your cover letter.

Visit the Photo Gallery of the previous events:
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