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Default website in different languages

Anne and I are looking for interpreters to translate our web site! French, German, Dannish, Dutch, Japanese, Australian, etc.
Any insight would be much appreciated. I've checked out a few translation sites and they are a bit too expensive and thus not worth it.
Email me!


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Default Australian?

When every third word is slang you're doomed, no matter the accent.
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Default no wukas mate

I would be happy to do the australian tranlation for you.
A bita hard yaka and then she'll be apples mate.

Here's a suggestion for the others. A lot of foriegn performers may not have a lot of time to translate the whole text from english. Might be easier for some people if you do an online Babel fish translation first and then send people the english and the Babel text. Then It could be quicker to go through and correct mistakes in the Babel translation.

I'd say that you really needn't bother with the german , dutch or danish translations though because all the festival organisers will understand the english version just fine.
The Italian one would be the most important because their english understanding sucks, so you better learn some of your show in italian before you go to work there.
The french although probably able to understand the english, will be pompous and pretend not to understand.
Dona(I'm sure you remember her) could probably do the italian version for you, but we are going away to oz in a few days. I'll ask her.
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