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Peter G
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Post Best Add-on for my Palm OS Handheld

Hey folks-
My new toy is a Sony Clie, which runs Palm OS. Wanted to get anyone's opinion of the best add on software for it.

Specifically, I'm looking to sync it with my Filemaker files so I can carry my filemaker contacts and gig info on my palm. But don't let that stop you from suggesting other cool stuff.
Peter Gross
Boston Hysterical
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Your Host
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Bug Me - quick note taking device, drawing program, and alarm that will "bug you" to do stuff.

Multiclock - alarm clock with three separate alarms that can be set at different times.

Launch 'em - tabbed "home" desktop replacement for organizing your icons.

PalmaSutra - Porn! (Well sort of. Just install it and see.)

Get all these at

I think the filemaker app you're looking for is called JFile. I used it once on my old Palm and it worked well. I am currently not using it.


P.S. Peter, If you can return your Clie, go back and get the Samsung i330. Palm/Phone combo. I am using the i300 (last year's model) and it is great. I was playing with an i330 in the Sprint Store yesterday and was browsing my web site, photos and all, at cable modem speeds with PCS Vision. The i330 is $349 at CompUsa after a $150 rebate. I think they're at MicroCenter for around $399. Sprint Store has them for $499. If I didn't just buy the old i300 on eBay for $200, I would go get the i330. Its a kick ass phone. I'm going to hang onto my i300 until the next big thing comes out this fall or so.
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Neil Brown
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Hi Guys,
I have a Clie SJ30, and the apps I use most are:
Documents to Go: fantastic for creating Word / Excel docs on the Palm OS, also has brilliant crossover facilities, so you preserve all the necessary formatting when you hotsync. It came bundled with my Clie, but I reckon that it's worth buying in any event- it's the most used program for me.
Mobipocket: I guess that any e-book reader would do, but I am using Mobipocket, and think highly of it- download loads of books from for free also.
Bejeweled: I think that this is one of the most addictive games around for the Palm, although PopCap's latest release, Aquarium (or something similar) looks really quite good IMHO.

The websites I used the most are: : if you decide to keep the Clie (I am SO pleased with mine!), check here to see what the latest software is, and for release notes, reviews etc packed with e-books interesting, free programs. A couple of days back, there was a gig-tracker app-

If I think of anything else, I put it here later.

Enjoy your new toy!

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