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Butterfly september busking in europe

Hello you all, I am in need of some advice.I am a female street performer with an act suitable for cafe terraces. I am presently in switzerland,but want to head south for september and warm weather.Can someone tell me about busking in italy, south france and spain in the month of september? Or would it be smarter to hit Germany? Thanks and big happy hats Ahda

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Big Hats to all!
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Haven't done Italy/Spain/Portugal in y-e-a-r-s but from what I remember Italy is always good (the people are so great) but then there is that currency conversion thing ... other people know more than I about the best places but in case you are interested:

Barcelona street fest Sept 21 -23

* you should probably post this in the "specific pitches" thread otherwise Gazzo might mistake you as a threat and write unfunny jokes about you.
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Default Recent info?

I'm thinking of heading over to Europe for September, and interested to hear anyone's recent info on the gigs, festivals or healthy pitches around that time of year...

Thanks - K
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"there is no galway. there is no pitch. there is no money in galway and it is not a good idea to even try. on the other hand, if you want to enjoy what real irish are all about, then and only then would you want to go to galway. if you're ready to sit down, slow down and have a good pint then, go to galway. if you are thinking of going to galway with some form of big circle show or something of that kind don't bother. It is a good small town that does not have the capacity for circle shows. I love that city. it is my sanctuary. the last thing that city needs is a bunch of hungry performers trying to milk the city of its money. unless you're there to take it easy please leave this city alone. sincerely, todd various."

there is no europe. there is no pitch. there is no money in europe and it is not a good idea to even try. on the other other hand if you want to enjoy what real europeans are all about, then go to europe.
europe doesn't need hungry performers raping it of its hard earned money. leave europe alone

sorry, couldn't resist takin the piss... sounds ridiculous when you substitute a few words doesn't it.
mike rollins
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I have no show. I have no props. I have no need to earn money as I'm independently wealthy.

On the other other hand I want to suffer rejection and humiliation, like all street performers do, so I'll come to Europe.

I am a self made man, but I need to kill an hour or two every day on scarcely viable pitch where nobody understands my genius.

Come and get me... I'll be in the Casino, gambling money that could have been yours.
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