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Default Wallingford Bunkfest welcomes Buskers

Wallingford Bunkfest 2013 welcomes Street Entertainers & Buskers
If you are planning to do some ďal frescoĒ performing during Bunkfest then read on as we have organised three venues that will welcome you rather than move you on.
We are happy to see any types of performances from mime to singing and dancing, poetry to juggling.
Bunkfest Buskers Bolthole #1 is in the main festival area, in front of all the food outlets in the Cruck marquee. This is the only venue that will have some amplification at scheduled times.
Buskers Bolthole #2 is in the George Hotel on the High Street.
Buskers Bolthole#3 is at the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway, on the road between the main festival site and the main camp site.
There may also be opportunities on the river boats.
a) Donít compete with other buskers. If someone is already performing, then, when they have finished that part of their act, get their attention and they will let you in AFTER the next part of their performance ( song or mime or what). Everyone is allowed to do a minimum of two consecutive items before letting someone else in.
b) Be polite. If you are using amplification then consider other people when setting the volume, and obviously donít be a nuisance.
Also always acknowledge applause and any donations if you are collecting and a thanks half way through a song will always cause a laugh.
Notes: If you are a singer and want to get a crowd then sing songs that people will know and recognise. If you are not Leonard Cohen then choose up beat music. Practise just a few tunes but play them at each venue.
AUGUST 30th, 31st & 1st September 2013 Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK
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