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That's the same way that the circle works here in San Francisco, although we don't have "time slots" we just bitch at each other when shows start going over 1:30 unnecessarily (here, you might have to build a crowd for 45 minutes on a slow day). And "first come, first served" is not only a ridiculous rule, it's also not very true in a city where the robot guys might ambush you with a lead pipe. The only golden rule when you are talking about the streets is "Survival of the Fittest", whether that be stronger or smarter. The streets are chaos, imposing a little bit of order is exactly the right thing to do, and a draw or coin toss is completely fair. And if anyone shows up thinking they're going to do 3 15 minute shows on the only pitch in town large enough for circle shows, we just point out all of the smaller spots on the wharf where a small show can play, there isn't much time on the circle (from 6pm til when the people leave) so having little shows burning the pitch for no reason just isn't feasible.

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