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Default it's me daddy

It's me, I'm your son, and I want all that money that you've been stashing away with your little tax scam !!!
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Butterfly Man
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Piggy Gary Osborne Jr.

My address is:

106 Pearl St. Apt. #3
Ft. Meyers Bch., FL

My phone:

Come home, son!
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Default awww daddy

If that really is gazzos address, you should probably take it down before he gets more stalkers!
I for one have already written it down and intend to go round to his place next time I'm in the states(probably never).
Keeping on subject though, I have a step daughter who's 5.5 and she is really into doing acro balance with me. She's a natural born performer who loves to sing and dance and generaly be the centre of attention. At the moment she can stand on my hands, feet and shoulders, she's also working on her headstand. I wish she had the patience to learn to juggle, but you can't have everything. She wants to be in my show this summer.
So far she hasn't really held me back from doing any gigs, but I can see in the future that once she starts school, going away to Australia for the summer could become difficult for long periods.
Kids help you re learn the art of play, and that is something that can benefit anybody, especially a performer.
I went to the local juggling night here for the first time after being here for a year, and discovered they have a fantastic venue. It's a theater with all stage rigging, plus they have rigging over the entire space, perfect for aerial work and the back wall is set up like a photo studio.
I kicked myself for not going earlier.
I'm thinking that this town could do with a circus school as it's something just taking off here, and that space is perfect for it.
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As performers it is tempting to be very proud of the "talent" our kids have in performing. Some people think that by being close on the inside of the industry, our children will have some kind of advantage in later life.

I don't agree. I take great pride in the more "civilian" aspects of my childrens life. They go to a nice school and are both doing well in a balanced and healthy way. I like the fact that they don't know how all the magic tricks are done, that they take great joy at watching even the most basic entertainers, that their disbelief is suspended easily.

My daughter does a bit of circus skills but she's far keener on the violin and any form of dancing (she's in several classes) and harbours ambitions to become a school teacher. Yes, she thinks that entertaining is a rather ordinary job (so many of us do it) and that teaching is really really special. She often changes her mind about what she's going to be.. it shows that a variety of things are inspiring her.

I think it's brilliant every time my kids show any form of prowess in any kind of performing, but I'm very conscious that when they grow up they should be able to chose exactly what it is they want to do.

My father was in the army and he made sure that I didn't simply follow in his footsteps (as many of my friends did) but had a bit of a life in the real world first.

Both of my kids can wield politeness effectively as a tool and practice it regularly and often. I try to keep them away from green rooms because I think kids are often a pain in the arse backstage and I don't want them there.

Especially out with the circus. Backstage can be dangerous and I get really cross with performers who think their kids are special and its all right if they touch my fire stuff because they know how to handle it (I'm not joking, there are some really stupid parents in this business) and they wonder why I'm swearing at them when I find their kids are throwing my juggling stuff around in the green room.

Kids are great and one of the great things about this job is we can take them to work with us. But I feel sorry for kids who spend half their life hanging around their parents place of work. Yes it's special, but it can have disadvantages too. I know several youngsters who hate anything to do with entertainment because they resent being dragged away from their normal life for 8 months every year. As one kid I know says:

"Yeah, we went to Italy, we spent 6 weeks either in a field or in the van. I never saw Italy, it could have been anywhere. I only knew I was abroad when I went to hospital and I didn't understand the nurses and they didn't understand me."

Just wanted to check some of the romance that gushing up in this thread.
If an artist can't even dream of happy ending what chance have the politicians got of making one?

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Peter Voice
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Default Just to follow-up on my last post here

Diana just finished this solo picture at Melbourne's Southbank on Saturday.

There is a renewed interest in "Dr. Who" here in Oz and the pic just caught the moment. Hope you like it.

I've moved the picture to so as not to clutter this thread with another big attachment.
Every-one should watch their drawers!

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the picture is amazing, peter.

FIREGIRL -- Fierce, Funny, Fearless!

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