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I noticed tourists dumping large amounts of coins in my hat leftover from countries they'd just visited...which is why I always left europe thru amsterdam...their banks take them all.
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Minnie Maniac
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My answer is BOTH!

I would like to be paid a retainer just for showing up to cover my expenses (at least) and then get to pass and keep the hat as well. There is a definite technique to making money on the street which has to be learnt and doesn't come easily. You can't just ask performers who have never worked the street to rely on hat money for their work. On the other hand, try getting an experienced street performer to work for a small retainer without the hat money in a good location, on a good day at a good time! They know exactly how much cash is walking away from their show at the end without paying.

It is nice to count a hat and see what people think you are worth and the thrill of a great show (with a great hat) keeps the excitement alive. However, it is also nice to know that your expenses are taken care of and you won't be going home empty handed if it rains all day, or there are no people, or if you are forced to work in a bad location (location for street shows is VERY important - some places work and some don't). If you are only offering performers the chance to keep their hat and are not offering anything extra, they should get a lot of control over when and where they work. If you are hiring people other than circle acts (the loud one with big crowds for about 40min shows), you should pay them a fee plus expenses. If you have a good location, you may attract some circle shows for a retainer.

If you want people to work where you say and when you say, pay them. I wouldn't show up for nothing, as a professional entertainer. Don't forget, you get what you pay for.

Jeez, when I do write something I get carried away....

I'm not really crazy...
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