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Angry sadaam hussein

I saw sadaam in montpellier!!!
he plays very bad classical guitar and is very dirty and looks like he's just crawled out of a hole!!
click on the chicken
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I always try to give the performer the benefit of the doubt. It might a new bit or a personal crisis is going on but.......,

could someone explain to me the longevity of the catman in Key West?

I tried to watch his show on 3 different occassions last time I was there and honest to god, I couldn't take more than 10 minutes. No humor and the same 2 tricks over and over. Most of the folks around us were equally unimpressed and from what I saw, very few made the walk to his hat.

I overheard a cocky Englishman with a pouch full of fruit remark, "You Americans will watch anything"

So true.
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nick nickolas
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Maybe this bloke !!
Tone-deaf busker finally blows it
April 12, 2006 Edition 3

The Hague - Dutch police have confiscated the saxophone of a busker who played so badly that his audience complained.

The 43-year-old used to perform at the railway station at Leiden, in the west of the country, to the dismay of passengers, the Dutch news agency ANP reported yesterday.

He was the only person to believe that the station concourse "did justice to the sound quality of his instrument" by amplifying it, as he told policemen who served him with a summons and confiscated his saxophone.

He has repeatedly had the instrument confiscated by police - only to have it returned - but this time the prosecution service will decide if he can have it back. - Sapa-AFP
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Default picky

you could interpret this thread another way, "worst busker" could mean "great/lovely/funny/unique show but not very good at gettin money at the end" in which case most of my favourite shows fall under this we all know the "pitch" or whatever you want to call it is a whole section and psychology in itself...and thats the bit that often matters (unfortunately) the most...the show can storm but if ya fuck that bit up....well its cheap yoghurt and rice for tea....!
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Butterfly Man
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Bunny Now you see them, now you don't ... you're a jerk.

True, you can have a decent show and make little or no money but look how many can have a crap show and still can make big bucks (think Glen Singer)...

Fat Men with hula-hoops, black men spinning basketballs, dead clowns with halitosis and Scot all have one thing in common... they are not the worst busker I have ever seen.

Oh, I have seen people try to get crowds with no costume, no skills and no act (Famos Bramwells comes to mind) but to receive the dubious distinction of "worst busker" you should at least TRY to be entertaining.

Mysterious Stan came up to me when I was at Pier 39... I was still the entertainment coordinator (before everyone hated my guts) ... and this well dressed man (beautiful white tuxedo) comes up to me and wants to audition for a spot ... I say OK, but you have to 1) gather a crowd and 2) keep them interested for 20min. ... (I later added a minimum hat because of what I saw that day).

So, I have this clipboard (trying to look official) and I plop myself down on a bench while this guy gets the stage ready for his chain escape act ... real nice looking equipment ... beautiful new chains and locks (the real deal- Tim Eric taught me how to tell the difference) and a beautiful sign that Says "MYSTERIOUS STAN" all in this real sparkly calligraphy ... wow, I think, this might even be good.

I was wrong ... dead wrong ...

Oh, he started out good enough ... got a coupla volunteers (real big guys) to tie him up in the chains and lock him... and got a pretty girl to set one of those timers (that most people use for cooking) for 2 minutes.

That's right folks ... 2 minutes was all it was supposed to take ...

Well, there he is, this middle age guy, all chained up struggling like crazy to free himself ... the first minute was actually interesting …he is contorting all over the place ... jumping around like a madman (think Nick Nickolas 15 years ago) … 2 minutes comes and the timer goes off … no comment from this rapidly deflated human ego … an another minute goes by (agonizing) … the guy then falls onto the stage and commences to flipping around uncontrollably (think Gazzo having a stroke) … things are looking pretty dismal.

I get up and attempt to help … “NO!”, he yells.

He is soaking wet with perspiration … his costume, while still white, now clings to portions of his pathetic frame.

The guy now goes into a frenzy
…(I think, “Is this for real?” … ”Can this really be an act?” …“What the fuck could the payoff be?”

... but now 2 minutes has turned in to over 10 and this guy is as worked up as Peter Gross chasing skank at a Ren faire.

All over the stage he rolls … back and forth … to and fro … occasionally you hear the sound of wet flesh squishing (Taxi Trix trying to fit into his old costumes). It was frightening.

Then it happened … he fell off the stage … still completely bound … right on his face.

Oh my God! I jumped up … no way this was an act! I rushed to help him up … others helped.

There was a gash on his chin … a big one.

Blood started flowing … he said, “Let me finish”. “Get back”

He leaps back on the stage …

More people stopping …

The crowd now over 100, maybe 2 …

I can’t believe what’s happening.

The blood starts flowing down his neck …it soaks the front of his shirt … frilly flecks of sweat and blood fly through the air.

The blood rapidly runs everywhere throughout his costume. He looked like Lucky Rich if he got all his tattoos at once. Repulsive.

Huge crowd, but I’d had enough … I like blood as much as the next Splatter punk but I ain’t no Martin Ewen … I stopped the show.

I hustled him into a nearby restaurant restroom and used the paper towels as a pressure bandage on his chin.

We got he bleeding under control and left the restaurant …

We are walking back to the stage when he stops … this miserable, pitiable man … looking more like a fatality than a entertainer … looks up at me … and, I swear to God … with all the bravado of a Bill Ferguson says, “So, how’d I do?”

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Rachel Peters
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Default it's christmas magic.

Maybe -- just maybe -- he was freaking brilliant and it was ALL an act, including the part where he fooled you! Maybe the whole thing was purely for his own entertainment! ...I'd certainly prefer to think that. So I will. Wow, that guy was a genius!
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.
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Peter Voice
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I've seen Livingspace on a bad day.
Every-one should watch their drawers!
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Famos Bramwells
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What!? I do have a costume! Bastard.

Last edited by Famos Bramwells; 05-24-06 at 02:54 PM.
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Default I'd like to nominate me!

Well after a large number of shows doing Fire in Duo's, trio's, fouro's (!?) and even on my own - ive decided that....there just isnt enough work/money in it. So im doing daytime street shows (well.., also compeering!!). Sunday, in Bath, was my 1st UK solo show and only my 5th anywhere. Whilst I have worked quite a few places with other people - Solo is a diferent matter.... so is doing shows without your usual costume and props. Putting all these 'unknowns' together and not really knowing what youre doing either = a CRAP show (in my opinion and, according to my pitiful hat of £13!, also the audiences!) Things were made that much worse/better by seeing the shows of the Pro's on the pitch (John, ......(sorry I dont remember your name!) and the magnificent Gareth) and even more terrible by the fact that the audience also got to compare!! (well thankfully not for those guys hats!)
Regardless of not doing a good show, or even a 1/2 crap one!) I shall be there this weekend, becuase I know that the only way of loosing my self-styled crown of 'Worst Busker' is to do some more crap shows, before they become better.
So I guess give these other ;worst buskers' a break, we were probably all there once.........
Although if a middle aged man has never even tried to get out of a set of chains and breaks his jaw....and does this all in Public, an audition...well i'd give him the title of not the wosrt busker but the biggest 'mid-life crisis-er'
Feel the Flame
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