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Doctor Eric
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Heh, if that's who I think it is, he learned a bit from a pretty good act.

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Oh my best friend,I miss you every much!This forum is very good, I like, I agree with that point of view above,I support you!

Experience is the father of wisdom and memory the mother.

I agree with Unisykolist

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I agree, yup good advice, Ive done my share of standard busking, which I think is called "walk by", seen the circle shows at busking festivals, is it possible to do a combination of the two?

I'm thinking of a roving clown, doing mime and crazy interactions, while playing the sax, and then setting the scene for a circle act, which includes more of the same, with a set act.

The walk by, busking I can do for hours (playing tunes), hence potentially catch more people, whereas the circle act, at this stage in my career would be 5 minutes tops, and therefore say every 20 minutes, maybe a maximum of 5 shows per outing. I intend to dress as a clown with face etc, so walk by busking might not work!

Advice please?

Maybe best is just to suck it and see how it goes, I know in my area, I do not see anyone perfoming a regular circle act, so don't know how the public would warm to it?

Whatdya rekon
Cheers & Ciao

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no Art" Leonardo da Vinci
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