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Default Re: define - evaluate - set goals - practice - evaluate

Originally posted by Stretch
7 days a week? one day a month? weekends? See, it all depends.

Is that an average of $1 a head? Or do you have an audience of one that drops a $100 bill and some pocket change into your hat?

Is it about what you ARE making, or what you WANT to make while having fun? Or is it about what you want to make no mater how much it hurts?

Or is it about NOT doing what you hate to make that kind of money. If the alternative is mowing lawns and you HATE mowing lawns, then does it really matter?

More questions lead to more meaningful answers.

I'm sure you could make more money. Do you want to pay the price? How well do you know yourself?
Oh sorry I didn't tell you that.
I busk about 2 or 3 days every school holidays so thats every 10 weeks...
And not just one person putting heeps in, its heeps of people.
I didn't see an apple! I saw an apple!
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Default heeps

I like heeps! Heeps good !

And not just one person putting heeps in, its heeps of people.
Walking tall and stretching imaginations!
Bill 'Stretch' Coleman
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Default Re: Rest in Peace

Originally posted by Butterfly Man
Butterfly Manís Estate Planning

Unlike most fathers, I donít care what happens to my son after I die Ö after all, Iím dead. Who gives a shit what he thinks? My wife too, fuck her Ö she saves every fucking penny for her ďretirementĒ. Whatís THAT? Retirement is not fuckiní working. That means Iíve been retired since I became a street performer cause everyone knows that ainít work Ö itís simply a way to get laid. So hereís the best financial advice I could think of:

Donít save for shit Ödonít invest in shit. Old people die with hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings accounts and investments every day. And who gets it? Thatís right Ö their kids or wife or who-the-fuck ever Ö it donít matter Ö THEY didnít get to spend it cause they HAD IT WHEN THEY DIED!!!!!


#1. Donít own Ö rent Öand never fuckiní move as long as they donít raise the rent. Do it a rent controlled area Ö youíll never be happier than when you invite people over and tell them what you pay each month and they shit themselves.

#2. Borrow as much money as you can from banks and other lending institutions. This will be tough but it can be done. Maximize every account and only keep enough money on hand to pay the monthly minimum.

#3. Never, repeat, never, get a life insurance policy or make any arrangements for a funeral or anything stupid like that Ö let other people worry about your dead corpse, who gives a ratís ass what they have to go through?

"My wife too, fuck her"
Very nice advice you have there.

BTW me and my friend plan to rent a house near the mall so I can busk on free days and rake in the free cash that I worked for...her her her
I didn't see an apple! I saw an apple!
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For musicians on this thread: a standard way to increase earnings is to put together a CD. Generally people will hand over $20 (Australian) for a well presented CD. If your act is decent, then you should sell around one per hour, perhaps more.

It adds up.
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Kate Awesome
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I'd say if you have only been busking a little while, that's pretty darn good (and about average for somebody starting out)! I can't really offer anything new than everyone else since they've said it all: it's all pending on what you want to do with the money/if you are pursuing this as a career option, etc.

Now, if you've been a busker for 10 + years, well, then I may have something a bit different to say..
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Lex Brodie
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Originally Posted by Evan Young View Post
and I know it must be frustrating that nobody has posted a direct answer to your question.
I'd like to add that the OP is doing 2X the rate I made money panhandling, and panhandling is probably the most lucrative thing someone not born into wealth in the US can do. Ugh I don't like panhandling, but I had to do it for a bit, I don't now.

From the sound of it, the OP is making above-average wages.

Now, there may be NO wages for months of winter, this is what I ran into last year, $20 a day on average half the year, $0 a day the other 6 months. Ouch. I was hustling "awareness" ribbons in a tourist town 50 miles away, and commuting back'n'forth. Ouch.

Now, I'm working on my trumpet playing, and hope to get out there. I LIKE trumpet playing, actually playing a cornet I got that I like, a bit quieter and mellower sound. I hope to do my first "busk" this weekend.

I've cut my expenses down to where I can survive on very little, and my $300 a month has been coming in from odd jobs and selling junk at a swapmeet once a month. That leaves the rest of the month, besides a fair amount of farm chores here, to learn my trumpet and go out and busk with it wherever I can reach by walking, bus, bicycle (this last once I get a bicycle).

For me, right now, $20 a day average for the year would be a LOT of money! For a person supporting an apartment, owning a car, the usual stuff considered normal, they may need to bring in $100 a day on average with their horn, magic wand, whatever.

I've been reading everything I can find on busking and I see reports of money earned that are all over the map. Buskers I've seen, given money to, hung around near, personally seem more of a realistic guide. And $50-$200 a day, this last at a farmer's market or some such thing, seems reasonable. I also observe that they tend to consider busking almost a "loss leader" or "bread and butter" activity, they will have cards to hand out and the busking not only pays decently but gets 'em gigs.

(These days I love ALL music, even church music, doesn't matter!)

Remember it's not just what you make, it's what you save.

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