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Post What's in a name?

Hey Guys...

Something is nagging me for a while... I'm curious about your thoughts about the following. My stage name is Pyromancer, I choose that name about six years ago and thought it was an original name. But unfortunately, a German artist decided to use this name as well. And some months ago, a weblogger appeared using this name and to make it even more confusing, he's just as hairless as I am and somewhat flirtatious when it comes to fire. And now, I discovered a UK based fireworks company with this name. [img]eek.gif[/img]

Am I overly concerned when I am afraid that people might run into the wrong Pyromancer when they are actually searching for me? I am currently based in The Netherlands, but do want to work as much of the world as possible...

And if you are a web-geek: can you give me some advice to make sure my website pops up first in most - if not all - search engines?
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