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nick nickolas
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Default straightjacket

Hello anyone got a straightjacket(non-gaffed) they want to sell me? I'm in Australia.
Cheers Nick
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There was someone on here who posted before that they custom make straitjackets.

I bought one and have been happy with it. They make both gaffed and ungaffed models.

I think they were called performancesjackets and they had a storefront on ebay as well.

They were resonable in price and the fact that they are custom designed and colored to what you would want makes them more personalized.

If you are looking for a posey or humane restraint I can not help there.
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Patrick Kelly
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Default straight jackets

Thats us. We have lots of different styles, sizes and colors of straight jackets.We also design and make goth and restraint style jackets and pants.
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Magic Mickey
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I have one of your jackets too and am very happy with it. I highly recomend them. Very nice for a great price! I got mine off of your ebay store.
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Christopher Cool
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Default Posey Jackets


I've used Humane Restraint Jackets and they never last. The leather straps suck, as they tear. I finally had to replace my first Posey Jacket after a year of shows approx. 800 shows. I've now had this one for 3 months over 200 shows and still looks almost like new.

BDG Sales is very quick to get my order sent to me.

The Posey Jacket is $172.00 USD

They also sell tit clamps, cock, ball and butt toys if your intersted.


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regards, Anedpoha8
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iv'e got a pink one...
but the paint peeled off in the rain...
wanna write that story?
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Butterfly Man
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UK Pink Ink

The sky swelled in a dense avalanche of brooding cumulus dread consuming the landscape as it tumbled in from Bristol as Peewee and I rushed towards each other in a self-destructive howl of inevitability.

Behind us a crack of silver fading light left a scar across the tiny horizon and there was no turning back, so we leaned into our dance with a certain gleeful fatalism. A charged sense of being alive fired off in every cell of our bodies, a palpable electricity in the air that gave the most minute details meaning.

I could see it coming down as he tied me up, a curtain or a wall way off in the distance, moving towards us. The first drop exploded on my pink straight jacket, an angry messenger or advance troop, and then another, a third, and finally the onslaught had begun.

Sheets of water pounded us in some vindictive rage, challenging us to stop the show or surrender, beating the world around us with an irresistible fury. Rivets of water ripped into the fabric. My futile struggle to escape made my eyes look like fires seen through tears.

I loved it, I loved it all.

I could feel my passion and my defiance; I could smell the wetness and watched as pink bled down my thighs.

Peewee’s eyes were blazing almost insanely and through his fear a hint of a smile, that sensation of being really alive in the midst of unbridled chaos, the clarity of being when you can’t really see or hear or control anything. He was ecstatic.

At times he’d give out a roller-coaster scream as we whirled around each other in opposite directions. Then he’d followed it with an almost imperceptible giggle.

I loved him, I wanted to lash him to my side like the fading jacket and tempt the sirens. I wanted to risk the treacherous rocks of living, fly up to the sun until both our wings melted.

In those moments I knew who he was, in that mad turbulence I saw the courage he usually hid burst to the surface. Both he and the jacket were overflowing as we danced between terror and pure pink elation.

If there was some way to make moments like this last, to bind them inside this locked heart only to release them when the death of a routine seeks to numb me with tedium.

The rain and ruined costumes threatened to turn us against each other and ourselves. Instead we chose to let the pink passion bleed and sear the monotony. We chose to re-ignite the torches that show us precious stones of laughter and dance imbedded along our way.

The jacket died that day but we found a way to live … without the belts … without the buckles.

A faded restraint now fading away.
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