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The Renaissance Man
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Default Holley Johnson Inc.

Has anyone ever worked with these folks, or at the Streets At Southpoint in Durham NC?

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Tom B
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I have worked the Streets of South Point 2 months after they opened. It was a good venue with lots of people, and if you get a good placement you can actract big crowds.
When I busked there it was a different company doing the booking, so I dont have an opinion on the company Holley Johnson Inc..
Let us know if you busk there and how it went.

Tom B
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Default Performing at Streets of Southport

Hey Chris,
Steve Langley here, aka Alfredo Fettucini. We met/talked at Motionfest 2004. I just read you post and happened to remember a post that I saw in a NC jugglingClub forum that relates to your question. Below is that post. This is from an associate of mine, Paul Miller, who is apparently working with those folks this year. While I do recognize the name "Holly Johnson, Inc.", I cannot offer any info on her, or her operation. Feel free to contact Paul for more info. If I am passing in/near/arond Raleigh while you are there, I will try to swing by for a visit.
Pasta la Vista...

From: Paul Miller <paul@...>
Date: Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:38 am
Subject: Performing at SouthPoint sirdropcelot
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Hi Everyone.

If you have not already heard...the Street Performer Program headed by Anthony Caporale (of Triangle Theater Festival) at The Streets at South Point Mall in Durham has ended. That being said, I have been asked to perform at the Streets at Southpoint to help build their new street performers program. It is being started back up by the gentleman that is currently running the monthly jazz program there. He has asked to meet with me to learn what would make for a strong program.

I have a number of ideas as to why Durham, NC cannot support a thriving street performer program. The main one is that you really need tourists to attract and cultivate a high quality of acts. As they say, if they don't pay, the don't play. And the mall doesn't aside, I do feel the mall provides a great opportunity to perform if you are looking to get practice working your routines or interacting with the crowd.

So I want to hear from everyone ideas as to what kinds of opportunities you would like to see, ways in which performing there would be helpful for you or the club, or any other thoughts, ideas, or points concerning street (or other) performance at the mall.

I feel that South Point is a valuable resource and we should be concerned with its going ability to be a venue at which we can perform.

You can respond to the group or me personally at:

Thanks... Paul
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