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Australia From Busker to ClownBusker...results

I am an infrequent Busker and infrequent Clown!
I've been watching allot of youtubes on clowning and improving my hat juggling skills. some gigs as a clown have came in recently (paid & unpaid) So I thought I'd better get more experience.
Yesterday I went to our local market, which is quite an established big affair!
I clowned and busked for 2 hours up and down the various isles in front of stalls, great reactions, this was the best fun I've had as a clown, I was mime-ing and playing Saxophones, some juggling with balls, as per watching the videos I copied peoples walk or stance and this worked very well. I used my Soprano sax as a fishing rod trying to real money into my hat, I raised smiles where ever I went (I was totally speechless....mime)
This felt great, I had a blast, I connected with people, I was very creative and in the moment.. but here's the kicker..... zero money.
I did get some free product from some of the stall holders, i.e. Chocolate, Fudge, and fresh Corriander.
Walking out past several other traditional musical buskers. I see plenty of dosh in their hats...... so I'm confused.

As clown in this years Santa Parade (which I've done for the last three years I get $100 per hour) and other fairs and festivals I've done for free for experience, what to do..... as I love the complete freedom of Clown Busking,....

Maybe I'm just not suited to the streets and need to take this into a more intimate polished arena.

It's not about the money...but some would definately feel good????

Advice please

Jimu & Kokopelli

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no Art" Leonardo da Vinci
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