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Default rules of the street

Something happened today while I was performing at a local farmers market that I would like some feed back on. I have performed at this market for over a year now and I'm the only act that is not a street musician (there are usually 5-10). So I show up today and a painter had set up in my use usual spot, which puts me a good distance away from a lot of the street musicians (some use amps). I walked around looking for a different spot but the only one I can find is 5 ft. from a unamped guitarist and I decide to make it work. My act consists of half patter half music on cd. This guitarist watches me set up waits all the way through my ball routine then halfway into the club bit this guy walks into my circle and taps me on the shoulder and demands I turn the music off. So I stop juggling to tell this guy that I perform here ever week and this has never been a problem before and as I started to tell him that I would switch off w/ him so he could snag some of my crowd he walked off mid sentence I of course go right back into my show as I had a crowd of about 30. I start the torch finale to my routine and in the middle of this he sneaks behind me and turns off the music and runs off. With the wind taken out of my sails I wrapped up the show picked up my almost empty hat and went in search of answers. This guy had beat me to the table of the committee that runs the farmers market I was now told no music even though others were allowed to play w/ amps so I kindly told them not to use me in any of there future ads (as I have already been featured in several ads with out my consent)
And not to expect me back if this is the position they were going to have. Then on my walk back to pack up I realized that the guitarist (whom I have never seen before) had won. I wasn't about to let that happen he played peewee Herman and the pink panther covers for godís sake. So I spent the rest of the day getting my crowds as loud as I could to drown out the guitarist and during when I usually have music playing I worked on a new bit Iím calling ten differences bet. Real street musicians and lazy hacks that sit in one place and play covers. Ok now the question is what would u do in this situation and was I wrong to verbal retaliate even though it produced some abnormally large hats from what Iím use to in this location
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