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Michael Rosman
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Location: Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
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Default Announcing MiniFest

This is a copy of an annoucement that went out a few weeks ago. There are still some spaces available.

If you have questions about MiniFest, contact me, if you have questions about the quality of programs we run, ask any MotionFest alumnae.

Announcing MiniFest!

When: Nov 8-11 (starting afternoon on Tuesday the 8th, and ending afternoon on Friday the 11th)

Where: at the Pearlstone Retreat Center in Reisterstown, MD (This place is absolutely beautiful)

Who: 2 teachers and 20 attendees
The physical workshop in the mornings will be led by the amazing Davis Robinson!
The cerebral workshop in the afternoons will be advanced comedy writing by Scotty Meltzer!

You will have the same two teachers each day. Each day will build on the previous day's work.

Evening schedules will allow for critique sessions if desired (longer critique performances allowed, multiple showings of same routine allowed as well) homework and rehearsing from the days workshops, relaxing, formal discussions, and campfires

MiniFest will be limited to 20 attendees. Once it fills up, there will be a waiting list. Once that waiting list gets to 20, we may add the waiting list people along with another morning physical teacher. It is not definite that we will add the waiting list people. It is not likely that we will add any others after this point although there will be a waiting list in case people who have signed up can't make it.

MiniFest will not be held at a bus stop. It will be at a beautiful private retreat center. All meals and snacks will be provided, delicious and included in the price. Sleeping accomodations are bunk beds in community rooms. We will do our best to seperate the sexes. Private and semi private accomodations will be available at slightly higher costs. Staying off site is allowed, but will not change the price of attending MiniFest.

Cost for this new and improved performance comference will be $520 which is pretty much the same as a MotionFest, only with all meals included. If you liked MotionFest, you will not only love MiniFest, but you will find it to be a much more valuable experience for your career.

Spots will be registered when your $200 down payment check is received. If you are worried about making it, pay now and as long as someone is on a waiting list who takes your spot, you can get 100% of your money back if you do not attend. If you send a deposit, the balance will need to be paid by Sept. 30th to maintain your spot at MiniFest.

Laughter Arts Foundation
c/o Michael Rosman
12621 Mt. Laurel Ct.
Reisterstown, MD

Other notes...We will try to pick up people from BWI and bring them to the Pearlstone. If we can not take you, a shuttle from BWI to the Pearlstone cost $35.00 for first person, and $5 for each additional. We will help coordinate so people who we can not drive can share shuttles.
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dave walbridge
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Default one month till minifest!

this baby starts on the 8th....
David Walbridge
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Michael Rosman
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
Posts: 57
Default Since you brought it up...

Perfect timing.

Tomorrow I will be annoucing that since MiniFest filled up, and more people are still trying to attend, we have added one teacher and will allow a limited number of additional attendees.

The added teacher is Fred Garbo. We will allow people who are currently signed up with Davis Robinson to switch into Fred's class if they prefer. People who sign up now for MiniFest will have Fred, although we will try to accomodate preferences for Davis as room allows.

MiniFest is the conference that has been developed to replace the wildly successful MotionFest. MiniFest will be a more intimate and possibly even more valuable event. It is the same approximate cost as MotionFest, but with all meals included and provided by a chef.

Reserve your spot now by sending a deposit check. Once it fills up this time, no more teachers or attendees will be added.

Spread the news!
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The Renaissance Man
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Default 'Bated breath...

This is going to be an outstanding experience!

Every Motionfest I've attended has spurred and fostered physical, comedic and spiritual growth...if you want your show to get better, I suggest leaping nimbly aboard.

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dave walbridge
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Default Minifest news?

We want news!
What happened?
Who was there?
What was the new site like?
how was the food?
Did Scotty tell that one funny story?
Are you sore from your workout?
What is Baltimore like in November?
David Walbridge
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Drew Richardson
Dramatic Fool
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Ass What happens at Minifest stays at Minifest
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