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Michael Rosman
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Default Hey, I'm back for an hour

Hey all, blew off Harborplace tonight...too dam hot!

so I am taking an hour of my 'found' free time and visiting P.Net.

leave soon for another week on the road. so this is going to be short.

I just posted a message or two on the MotionFest forum. Check them out.

For those of you too lazy to go to that forum, or those of you not sure what MotionFest is...

The best dam professional development conference in the world for high level variety performers.

visit to see why.

ask MotionFest alum to see just how valuable it will be for you.

Dates, teachers,street performing at Harborplace, video shoot show info all available on our website.

Best Regards,

See you in Nov at the... VERY LAST MOTIONFEST
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Butterfly Man
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Scot potential attendees

Please send a quick e-mail (re. Motionfest) to:

Graham Ellis

Executive Director
Hiccup Circus
Hawaii's Volcano Circus
RR2 Box 4524
(808) 775-9973

He has two students Ari & Eli who need to be there with us in November!

(if there are money issues perhaps we can work something out)

also ... it would be great if Scot Nery returned ... perhaps with something for "Show and Tell".
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