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Default Ashton Transporta Lite- Portable Amp

Hey guys,

This is the amp I use for my circle shows and I think its awesome.

Its a very crisp and responsive amp. I have had many people come over to me after the show and after they thanked me for the entertainment they wanted to rave about how good the sound was!

It comes with a hand held microphone, but I have been using both the Samson airline 77 and the Samon Microlite as my headset coupled with an Ipod.

It has the option to have a CD player installed for about $100-200.

Says it weighs 10kgs, but mine is 9.5kgs (it all counts)

The battery life on this unit is FREAKING AMAZING! It says around 6 hours, but my experience is more like 8 hours.

I charged it up for a show that never happened, so I just left it in my case for a MONTH only to find that it still had 70% of its power left!

The only problem I have had with it was in Germany, where I was walking back from the pitch carrying all of my equipment and the handle top failed on me- I now pack it in my show case.

Price is around $1000 AUS

Potential problem for most of you- I can only find them in Australia. Ashton is not the greatest quality brand but sometimes they come out with amazing stuff. The transporta lite was made by another German company until was bought by Ashton.
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