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malcolm russell
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Default Shaker cup advice, please!

I'm in the market for shaker cups - something I've never worked with before. I've searched for reviews and opinions but most of them are a few years old and I know at least Dube have changed their design and material since then, so I'd like to ask for the latest opinions.

Dube's are now stainless steel. Are they still a shallower angle than most, or are they now close to the same design as, say, Juggling Arts?

It seems most people (used to, at least) dislike Beard/Renegade, which leaves Juggling Arts and (the new design by) Dube. Has anyone tried both?

And what about the plastic ones sold by Oddballs or Renegade? Worth getting to practice with? Or just a waste of money? I'd be practicing indoors during winter so volume may be an issue.

Thanks for the help.
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le pire
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Hiya, I do a 6-up in performance and an 8-up in practice. I release all 6 or 8 cups. I use JugglingArts and swear by them. I have bought and extensively used the others and here's thoughts.

Dube- Look GREAT, but a horrible design. Too bottom heavy so the rotation is really difficult to control. Also the rim on top is thin stainless steel and hurts a LOT if you clip yourself.

Beard - pieces of crap. A really soft aluminum that dents itself into a shapeless mess with use.

The plastic ones sold by renegade are made by Mr Babache. They are SUPER light weight and are jugglable but you have to really finesse them and give them a lot of loft to get the spin just right. The nice thing about them is that they don't make a lot of clatter and noise so if you practice with them at your juggling club, everyone won't hate you.

The juggling arts are big and loud. Depending on your use, they WILL break in 2-3 years. Elliot (the guy who makes them) has finally got his process down and the cups now come out with a uniform weight and hardness. This did not used to be the case. He has the cups made in runs and every run is going to be slightly different, however. So if you do buy from him, get yourself 6 or 8 so they all come from the same run.

Good luck!

Oh, and I'll be at the Austin Juggling Festival. Hope to see you there!

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malcolm russell
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Default Thanks!

Thanks Etienne, that's exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. Nice and detailed. I appreciate it.

I've ordered the Babache ones to play around with over the winter. It'll be a quiet introduction to a noisy prop and it'll give me an idea of whether I want to add them to the show and if I do I'll order some Juggling Arts.

Thanks again,
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