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Default Hi Def or Standard Def Camcorder for Web promo vid?

Hello Fellow Entertainers.

I need to create a promo video, to imbed on my website. Does anyone know if it is better to record onto a standard def handy cam, rather than a high def? I know hi-def is all the rage, but will it actually make it more difficult to use a high def camera for this purpose. I am sure there are many people who can answer to this.

Next question. I have an older mac (Powerbook g4) I bought a panasonic standard def handycam, but it does not seem to be mac compatible (contrary to the statements in the operation instructions) Now I have a handy cam I need to take back, and not a huge clue as to what is a better fit for me. Help! Any ideas?
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I would have to say, let your budget decide. And unless you're authoring onto bluray, there no real advantage to hd. Crap footage is crap footage - hd or sd. Get the best footage you can, with what you can afford.

You need to remember that You're trying to promote yourself, not make a Hollywood blockbuster.

That's my 2 cents...
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