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Gregory Rush
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Stop looking at new posts

Hey I love your videos, I barely noticed the invisible man.

This is what this thread looks like to me:

jugglerjosh Here we go again...

Peter I am blocking you from my forum.

Note to Jim Smirk.

- JW
03-31-13 12:45 PM
Peter This user is on your Ignore List.
03-31-13 08:33 AM
jugglerjosh No, it's totally personal.


"Because when you assume, you make an ass out of you... and me".
Mr. Tony Randall as Felix Unger on the television show Odd Couple.

Dead wrong. This is personal.
Don't preach at me, or show irrelevant rationalizations.


End Quote.

Anyway I blocked Peter back when I noticed oh, a month or so ago
him and one other person posted in a forum called R.I.P. performers
net and he was posting that he thought this forum should come down.
So for someone that is still posting you can only assume
it is a negative thing. It is either that or I see dead people posting.
It's a joke on the movie so anyway I like seeing jugglerjosh
posts I always have, just never noticed troll was here, I know
one time I also looked at some of the other places he posted
the same day and time I noticed he was posting to shut performers net down.

I do not know about you or anyone else but if I had a board
like this and a spammer , flamer and troll was bashing posters
along with asking for the board to be shut down. I would shut him
down meaning he would come to a board and find it does not
exist for him any longer, as in banned IP and removed for life.

So I just choose to ignore his posts, maybe we need a new thread
like R.I.P. flamers. Cheers jugglerjosh and if my posts seems
out of line here just let me know. Was simply trying to enjoy
your thread when I noticed the ignore thing and that's the Truth.

Edit and Just say No.

P.S. Peter do not even address me or reply I have had you on ignore
for sometime now that means no matter where you post it
says "Peter is on Ignore." Just move along where you are not wanted.Pretty simple.

Last edited by Gregory Rush; 06-14-13 at 02:36 PM. Reason: Drugs are bad for you.
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