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Default Google Ranking

So I noticed that my google ranking had slipped WAY low, so I regestered for thier "webmaster tools".
I had all ways known that links to websites where an important part of thier system. But it seems too many links can be a bad thing.
I belong to a bunch of other forums, mainly about old Jeeps, and on each forum I listed my website in my profile.
When I checked the whole google thing out this seemed to be a problem as I had way too many links that were not relevent to sword swallowing bacause the link appears at the top of every posting on each and every forum.
I have removed my site from all my profiles, so we'll see what happens on the next crawl.
Anyone else run into this or have any thoughts about it?

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Google now use a "sand box" to rank websites.
This means that first it ranks your site on top of the list (depending of the key words and links to your site) Then after a few months, it will start to go down the ranking to let the new sites have a chance to be on top. there is nothing you can do about it. You can only hope to stay on the first page of the search, depending of the key words typed and the numbers of links to your site. Signing on forums with your website doesn't always count has a link for Google also. Google gives more credit to a link from a content site than a forum.
I hope this help.


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Default Google Ranking

Here is a link to a nice bit of info I read on this subject.
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There is a way to prevent the downward crawl. Be the expert website on the subject of your preferred searches.

Continually update

keep building links. esp. qualified links from high ranking sites.

Get more people to visit your site continually and stick around for a longer period of time. Now google can tell if your site is fun.

There are tons more things you can do to help your SEO, but those are the major ones to start preventing the decline.
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Peter G
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Anyone have suggestions for reasonable SEO services?
Peter Gross
Boston Hysterical
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