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Default back up your systems

I wanted to post an FYI to everyone.....back up your hard drives, do not learn the hard way like me....

I have a new imac g5 2 gig....I have only had it for 4 months and two days ago the hard drive totally fucked itself.

I had not backed up the work I had done on it

a.) because it is only 4 months old, I thought, what could possibly happen

b.) I have not had so much free time around...usually I have been backing up everything from my pc and even on the mac when I do a big project.

I did not back up 3 gigs of images, totally about 3 gigs of space.
My new promo video and cool dvd I finished 2 weeks ago.

I have the master disc to make copies, but to make changes or edits....all the images and data is lost, so I have to compile those shots again, and some of them were really great.....

Apple is fixing the computer at no cost as it is under warranty still, but that does not save my lost data....

the worst of it is, that I could see the data on it, just not get it off as it became all corrupt when the hard drive when kaput....

Apples explaination to me???? well sometimes when you drive a new car off the lot, the engine blows up....
That does not leave me with a good feeling.....

today is a saaaaaaaaad day.

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