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Default Street performers blog

Hello everybody!

So I have been looking around this site a far bit of late, basically preparing myself to actually get up and go do some street performance, and as we all know this was basically me just putting it off.


I have finally faced my fears, I performed and that day is now forever going to be one of the best of my life. While researching I saw somebody on here suggest that it is a good idea to write down you experiences so that you can relive and possibly use them to help you remember what worked etc. I saw this as a great idea and that is exactly what I did. All of a sudden I felt quite selfish, I had read loads of experiences of other people, people who were good enough to share them with others and here I was hording mine?

To the bloggersphere...

So I have started up a simple little website and posted my experiences so far. I am not claiming to be any good at performing, I'm not claiming to be a good juggler, I just hope that my experiences help or entertain somebody and that they may even help somebody to get out and do the same.

I am going to continue blogging in my quest to thwart local councils and I will try and keep the content away from ramble (but I can't promise). Obviously many of you on this site are street performing pros so if you have any advice I would love to hear it.


Juggling Jim
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