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Post DV Cameras - Sony TRV-900

Hey Adam,

I thought I'd start a new topic just for this camera because I know so many performers have them.

I bought my Sony TRV900 a few months ago. Damn, what a great camera. They cost about $1900-2200 (US) depending on where you go. I've only filmed about 6 of my shows with it and so far I'm really impressed. I'm still getting used to it. (THere are lots of buttons I've still never pushed.)

I wanted something that was small and simple and still produced great footage. It's on the lower end of the 3CCD camera market, but it's still 3CCD's! And it's probably the smallest 3CCD camera out there, as far as I know.

I got my G4 DUAL 450 yesterday and plugged the camera in first thing. I was editing video in 10 minutes! Unbelieveable. The new MACs come with iMovie2 installed and it's brainless to use. Just plug your camera into the firewire port and iMovie's controls control the camera. Then it's just a matter of cutting and pasting clips, add some titles and sound effects and you're done. I could not believe how easy it was.

The mechanics are simple. Now I just need to learn the 'artistry' of making movies and I'll be set.

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Rex Boyd
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Oh I can hardly wait until I have enough spare money sitting around so I can buy exactly the same stuff and spend even more time sitting in front of my computer.

No I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it.

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Digital Video is indeed a very good thing... I started messing around with it in January when I got an iMac DV Special Edition... At this point I've only really done a few home movies of my new house, my first son Koji and the renovations we've been doing, but as Jim says it's a piece of cake. Apple has put movie making (all be it quite simple and a wee bit limited if you stick with iMovie) into the hands of the average Joe at a price that most can at least consider... 3CCD cameras are wonderful, but you don't necessarily need the 3CCD chip to have a lot of fun! As band width over the internet improves it will become easier and easier to send clips to people thus making email attachments even more fun! I am thankful that I'm a performer for I fear if I had any other kind of job I wouldn't have enough time to play with all these great toys!

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Oh I am dying for the day I can afford a Sony Digital 8. To be able to play back my old anologue Hi 8 tapes straight back into my PC. Cool huh.

What I dream about is a minidisc camcorder. Fantastic. Instant editing without having to rerecord.

Yes, us performers like to think we're above all that materialistic stuff, but we love our gadgets. Rock n Roll. Long live video.

If an artist can't even dream of happy ending what chance have the politicians got of making one?

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I put up a post somewhere around here about the minidisc camcorder...I seems to be misplaced...perhaps hidden under the couch or something...

Anyhow...about four months ago Sony unveiled their Minidisc totally to cut and paste tracks like a minidisc...dont like a scene just delete it and everything else automatically compresses...want to cut her and paste to problems...the only problem that I found with the system as of right now is the disc capacity..only 20 minutes per disc...but hey thats more than enough for Promo AAhhhhhh minidisc... and oh the price is not bad either...about the same or a bit lower than the digital camcorders...about 1600$ U.S.

I have heard Rumours of Japan having had a model of this out for about a year now and they have disc space up to about 40...but that is unconfirmed...

once disc space expands, this will be on my list of next big purchases...

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Adam Gertsacov
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There have been two cameras I've been lusting after-- the TRV-900 is one and the Canon Elura is the other.

The Elura is in the lower price range, is tiny, and has supposedly great input for the 1 CCD that it has. The downside is its only one CCD and sound is supposed to be a little hairy.

The TRV-900 is the camera I want, but I just don't seem to have the will to spend the cash.
I keep on hoping it will go down in price....
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by checkerhead:
Digital Video is indeed a very good thing... I started messing around with it in January when I got an iMac DV Special Edition...

I thought it fitting that my first posting to this group be a helpful one...

For all of you out there who have tons of analog footage - VHS, Hi8, BETA etc - and don't have a way to get it into your computer, here is a affordable Digital Editing Solution;

I also got an iMac DV Special Edition for promo editing purposes (iMovie). Although the Apple web site boosted that "it's never been easier to take your old VHS tapes & edit them into movies...", they didn't offer a computer with good ol' analog inputs & outputs (like on the back of 99% of video decks & cameras). The Firewire port works great with digital cameras, but unless you can afford a digital camera that has BOTH in & out RCA jacks, you won't be able to get the analog footage of your "best show ever" into your digi camera then to your computer to edit & then back out & onto a VHS promo tape.
Here's how I solved the problem.
SONY makes a "DV Hardware Codec Converter - iLink Digital AV Interface" Model # DV-MC DA1.
It is the size of two packs of smokes, has (stereo) RCA & Super VHS ins & outs & Firewire. I got mine from a mail order shop outta NYC for $250.
Now all of my "old" footage is on my computer & I can cut & paste promo vids that fit the specific gig or audition on a case to case basis.
Good luck, have fun & please let me know if this is of help to you.
PS - Anyone in the LA area that would like to use my set-up to make a promo vid is welcome to get in touch.

"You have two choices; you can walk through a funny door, or you can walk through the door funny."
Chuck Jones

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"You have two choices; you can walk through a funny door, or you can walk through the door funny."
Chuck Jones
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I've also found having a DV camcorder very helpful: I've recorded my shows on it and have used the footage not only for cleaning up my act (as it were) but also for putting together promo material.

I have a Sony TRV-20, which while not quite as nice as the 900 is still a very good camera with a lot of great features. The only thing I added was a directional shotgun mike (about $50) for better sound quality.

I was definitely stressed about the money outlay, even though I got a great deal (list is around $2000, I got mine for $1200). However, I calmed myself by invoking the magic words, "It's a write off," and I've been very happy with the investment.

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so what would you say is the most DURABLE digicam about? Or is there no such thing?
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After purchasing a Canon ZR-10 right before i left to perform in Hong Kong over the Holidays, i am definately a mini-DV adict. The ZR-10 is awsome. It is small in size, with and optional extended life battery can film up to 5 hours! Both sound and video quality are great.
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There is definitely a learning curve involved here. You guys all sound so knowledgeable. So where can a novice go on the web to learn what is really necessary to take a good video and get it out to other people who don't necessarily have the latest equipment to play it on?

I'm talking about videos for clients, and videos for sale. "Kelly"
The World On A String.
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