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Lee Nelson
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Default some flash links

hey yall
I have managed to help create a bit of a circus scene here in Reykjavik,
My crew is ready to see and be inspired by cool performance vids that are circus related, amazing skills or great character..

I have created a group on Facebook and have managed to get most of the people to join.

I want to add YouTube links and such of cool acts to it and create an inspiration library that is easily accessible and self perpetuating, problem is I need to start it.... so instead of me spending the next 5 hours surfing I thought I would ask you guys and gals to post some of your coolest circus bookmarks if you can and I can just copy and paste them...

Sounds lazy, it is, but it also would maybe be a cool excercise in itself showing off oldschool clips or whatever that inspires us in this field.

I am just trying to create a resource library....

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Mr Qwirk
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has footage of a lot of the old time vaudeville jugglers, and a whole lot of amazing hobby jugglers.
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