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Love Uncle Bud Markowitz ... a laugh epitaph

Bud’s Club

I’ll forever remember, he was always so proud
That I picked him out of the Renegade crowd
At his 1st juggling convention, such a long time ago
Just a passing remark said aside in a show

He’d untied his tie, now a juggler instead
A member for life or so his badge said
A perfect setup, so I answered on cue
“You invested too much, they’ll make money off you”

The burst of laughter joined us both at the hip
Forevermore linked because of that quip
Our friendship grew from that one little joke
And the smile on his face whenever we spoke

We got close through the years and did things together
Teaching juggling to kids in hot humid weather
Or the hours we spent on a 5 ball cascade
His white leather beanbags seeming never to fade

We’d get lost, drive for hours, only Lois to call
With a trunk full of beanbags, going nowhere at all
Though my jibes were quite strong and my barbs unrelenting
Whatever I said , they’ll be no repenting

All my puns, all my jokes, all the gags, every jest
Made me part of his family, not merely a guest
Those words without friction, discord or strife
Made me a proud member of Bud’s Club for life

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