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Post for Prof, my foot-in-mouth Vestal Virgin

I could go on and on forever with my own opinions about your behavior Cherry, about how you like to create and then spread your own disinformation and inflammatory propaganda -- but I would rather let your own words from these public boards fill in the blanks for me...

On Feb 24th (your last letter to me here) the Prof said:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Chance, you are an outright liar,(print this out for the court case). I, too, keep records and have never used the word virus in any e-mail or posting until today.
But on Jan 31st (almost one month earlier) you said:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">...Hope you like your recipefor the "Peanut" cookie. If you can live without the word, I can do the flu thing. It would spread and could possibly move to where-ever the word comes up, all over the net. In fact I can make the system reject the word completely. We would have to risk it, use luck, fortune, take a punt etc. but it can be done. Sort of a spellcheck cookie. Great idea...
"...I CAN DO the FLU THING"?
So I guess it is okay to say "cookie" and "flu", and perfectly describe a worldwide internet virus just so long as the word "virus" is left out? Bullshit.

And on Feb 23rd you spouted this little gem:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">I did threaten to put a "cookie" on chance and trevor's passwords...
Well, kind of. What you actually did was send me a private e-mail with photo attached, and the message was a "ha, ha -- you just opened a virus package that will corrupt your private passwords, so you had better go ahead and change all of them!" I still have it, Cherry. Wanna read it so you can refresh your obviously very short and selective memory? But at least you put it in writing for others to read and take note of.

And again on Feb 23rd you said:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Vandalism is not my style and your accusations show you to be as ignorant and untruthful as you are paranoid.
Really? Not from what I just read!

The bottom line is just as I have said from the beginning: you have twice threatened me with one kind of virus or another. Just now I showed when and how. And when I confronted you, you wasted no time in lying and obfuscating and trying to paint me as the liar. No doubt you will now go back and delete the public messages I just copied from, but that will only delete these copies.

And again on Feb 23rd:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">The really funny part is that the [internet virus attacking the word 'chance'] cookie doesn't exist, it is a complete lie.
In other words, Cherry, you are a complete liar. How nice that you said so yourself!

And on Feb 24th you said:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">You [Chance] have admitted to sending false emails to many of the board users (with a view to entrapment)...
I admit no such thing! Even if this were true (and it is NOT), and even if it were somehow a breach of the law, like, for example, threatening to unleash an internet virus, would you please just go ahead and show which names I have used to do so?! I mean, if I have done it soooo many times it should be a breeze, right? So what names have I used in private e-mails besides my own? That's right, none.

Here's one for you: I will pay you $1,000.00USD for EACH alias you can prove I used when sending PRIVATE e-mails to members of this board, if you will send me just $1.00USD for each private letter where YOU used an alias! Because EVERY SINGLE LETTER you have EVER posted, whether public OR private, has been under a completely anonymous alias.

But the thing is, so what? I don't care what you do or how you do it, just so long as you get my name out of your mouth in the process. I have only, and I will only, get involved in those situations where someone intentionally lies about who I am or what I say and do.

The real question should be, why do you do it, Cherry? Why do you care so deeply about a person you have never even met? Why do you bother about who likes me or hates me? Hell, I don't even give a shit about such trivial things, so why in the world should you?

And after reading every single one of your letters here in these boards (at least 59 by the official counter), I can remember only about 3 or 4 of them that had any redeeming value at all. You almost never speak on the topic of busking, or even performing in general, and these are busking boards by the way! So 59 minus 4... hmmmm, seems like you might want to explain why you are even here in the first place!

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Prof Willie B
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Oh, Dear Aleatory One,
Thank you for so beautifully confirming the accuracy of my writing (and your skill at the quote thingy}. I read your original posting this morning and thought "this can wait", but your extended edit this afternoon made me laugh.

I assume you have a dick but I don't accuse you of rape. I can throw stones but I don't go round smashing windows and I can use a knife but I don't go round slashing tyres.
AJ gave me a great idea and it's so much fun pressing your buttons but the truth is I'm enjoying my life and I really couldn't be bothered. As I said vandalism really isn't my style.
The virus is well known and despite Trevor's fears, cannot infect your system if not opened. It only infects unliscenced (ie, Pirate) MS programs (I have my own theory about this and if you think about it a bit .....).

As a side issue, I think you owe me a thousand bucks, "Suerte", it's in the archives and I think Jim, Trevor and lots of us remember.
By the way, have you still got Brady's shoes?

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Prof, Cherry, Ralfie, Whateveryournameis...

Sorry, but after your many false accusations and lies do you really expect me to let you off the hook that easily?

You have done absolutely nothing to answer the extremely valid and on-target points of my letter. And true to form, rather than deal with the facts you simply add even more distortions and obfuscations in a weak attempt to distract from the truth.

I.E., what does "dick", "rape", "windows", "stones", "knives", "tyres", "AJ", or even "hahaha@sexyfun" have to do with my letter? I addressed NONE of those things, but for some weird reason they were all you could answer with??

And as for owing you a cent, you had accused me of sending PRIVATE emails to people under a false identity (like this is even a crime or something?), an accusation which I already answered. Both your accusation and my answer had absolutely nothing to do with messages left on open public boards. (But I repeat -- so what if they did? Is this a crime or something? If so, then why do you do it every day? We still don't know who you really are, not even after one year of posting here!)

But since you brought it up, it should be noted that every single message I have left here under a different name other than "Chance" in the English form, was simply the same name under the form of another language. The "Suerte" example you give is simply my name in Spanish, and all of my Spanish friends in Barcelona, Seville and Madrid find it very amusing to use this word. Just because you do not understand or appreciate it is no worries to me personally.

The facts brought out in my earlier letter remain, and remain unanswered. And unless you are somehow able to challenge or dispute quotes taken from your own public letters on these boards and prove that you have not threatened members with virus', and have not intentionally lied about it, and have not intentionally attempted to asassinate my character, then your presence on these boards should be seriously reconsidered. And that is putting it mildly.

I.E., get a life (and I don't mean mine).

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To whom so-ever it may concern,
I just want to say I have not encouraged anyone to send anyone any virus, prof's last post implies that I gave her the idea of threatening certain parties with pass-word cookies and/or viri, firstly I am not that creative when it comes to revenge and secondly I can barely access my own folders let alone program cookies or viri .
what I actually told Prof and Peter is that I wanted to kill chance with my bare hands, I'm not a computer expert so I couldn't pull off the virus thing, I am however fully capable of pulling off the bare handed murder thing , but we can't go around doing everything in life that we want to do ,Chance will get whats coming to him with or without my influence, he's not worth mine or anyone elses contempt let alone violence, he's transparent and the only course of action I recomend to prof ,peter or any one else chance has offended is to ignore him, just like his mother did,
failing ephigy of chance can be mutilated and mamed from the comfort of your living room, and no court in the land would convict you if the real dummy actually felt it.
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(*sniff*) Thank you, AJ. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. Group hug!
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Hello AJ
How are you?
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Dead Wood Records
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I'm still around you bloody idiots, It's nice to see that it's still the same old crap wherever I look.

Have any of you got anyhting else better to do than all this?

Get a life!

Trevor Rooney


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