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Default Amsterdam in late November

Hey, this is Irina, Russian face-painter from New Orleans. I am going to visit my family in St.Petersburg, and will have a 10 day stop-over in Amsterdam november. I have never been there before, and I am looking for friends to hang out with - I am into live music, performance art,gallery openings, trance-dance etc etc. I want to paint faces for Cannabis Cup - do you think they'll allow me to paint folks in coffee-shops and at music concerts? It looks like it's a big hoopla there - I had to make a botel (hostel on a boat) reservation 3 months in advance...but if you can rent me a room or couch, I can cancel it after one night, I'd rather stay with locals! I will have my UV-glow bodypaint with me, so if you are doing any shows in clubs - I'll gladly paint yall. Peace-Love, Irina
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