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Bunny Facebook Advertising?

Any thoughts on advertising using facebook? I was thinking about using it to get my name out.


o and happy easter
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Evan Young
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Facebook advertising helps you target people who are interested in what you are offering based off of what they mention in their profile. I listed photography, juggling and aquariums in my interests, so most of the adds that come up have to do with one of those things. The add that's listed right now is for tax services, which is something everyone can use....
Who are you trying to get your name out too and what is your message once they see you?

I use facebook/myspace to keep my face in front of fans and clients I've already established... and to maintain networking with other entertainers in the field. I personally don't see how paying for a facebook add would be very productive.

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We did a show in a new city where we paid for Facebook ads, targeted to people with certain interests in their profiles. Didn't do us any good - we did a survey at each show on how people heard about the show, and no-one came because they saw it on Facebook! (the number one response was, I've seen your show before, or I personally know someone in the show)
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It works great if you're selling something people really want. If you are advertising your act - you really have to do some tracking to see if it's paying off. This tracking stuff is pretty simple thanks to the free tools at Google Analytics.

You put a piece of code on your landing page (where the ad takes them) and it tracks how many people hit the landing page vs. how many land on any other page you send them to (a "Thank You" page if they join something, or a confirmation page if they fill out a form, etc).

Tracking is the key. Oh - and selling something people want.

Make sure you know your target audience - everything about them! Where they hang out, what bugs them, what fears, pains, frustrations they have, and then advertise a solution!

I have done some VERY profitable Facebook advertising. Facebook is a dream come true for a niche marketer. Just get the right message in front of the right people and track the results.

I have a few running that are converting at around 8%! That is just outstanding considering a good conversion for direct mail or Google Adwords is 2%.

What does that mean? It means for 100 clicks (this particular campaign I pay $.18/click) and lead them to a page that sells a $37 info product of which I get 60% of the sale.

Clicks = $18
Sales = 9
Commission = 9 x $22.20 = $199.80!

Once I set up the ad and the link to the product I never touch it. That runs 24/7/365.

"A show in a new city"? I wouldn't think that would be a worthwhile investment on Facebook advertising.

"Getting your name out"? - with what goal in mind? If you want to get your name out make a very cool viral video and let that get your name out. Paying for Facebook traffic to get your name out and no way of tracking the results (expense vs. income) makes no sense.

Hope this helps...

Barry Friedman
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