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Piggy juggling knives

Hello all it is your friendly neighborhood sword swallower again. I am looking for knives for juggling. Could anyone be kind enough to give me the web site of what they believe to be the best knives to buy. Thank you very much.
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Brian Dube makes the best knives around in my opinion. They're all I ever use. Very pretty, very durable, and very nice to juggle.
Unfortuantely they're also very expensive. If you don't wish to shell out all that money, get some real machetes (try a camping/outdoorsy/hardware store or army surplus). They're Relatively safe (as long as you are competent), affordable, and plenty scary looking.
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Send a message via ICQ to Freddy

I have a set of dube knives for sale

there is a picture on the web site - click on the big list.

pic is on top of page with torches, clubs and devil stick
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It depends on whether you want real knives or not. I have a source for good machetes (yes real ones), that have a straight handle with no finger rest on the end. They also come in their own canvas sheath.

If you're not into that much realism, then Dube knives are the way to go.
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