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Question ladder of swords

Ok Frack is pretty sure will never be able to find one of these in a store and will probably have to make own. Can't find any stats on the net on how to make one. Anyone know about this or how to do it? Made my own bed of nails so this can't be harder than that just need to know how to do it. thanks
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Have you ever seen a three sword display rack?
Same idea but with five or six swords and spaced like ladder rungs. Then make the whole thing "sit" like a sandwich board.

Make sense? If not then e-mail me...


p.s. If you know C.M. Christ of the Hall & Christ show, he has one and might have pictures he can e-mail.

Good luck

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Hey Frack!

I just built my second Ladder of swords, it now has four steps instead of the old three. i had to work it out myself, so I pretty much went around and looked for different types of ladders in hardwareshops , also I wanted a platform on top of it and a folding function, so I took some of the ideas on how it should be folding from the type of ladder your mother would have in the house(if she is short).
So you look at that kind of ladders and and imagine exchanging steps for swords. it really isn't that hard, you are a boy and male brains work in a logical kind of way.
A couple of tips though: I don't know how tall you are, for me personally I made the gap between the steps slightly smaller than on the original *mother/kitchen ladder* ,
Material: my old one was made of metal and was quite heavy and bulky, this one is partly boxed alluminium with some wodden fillings inside , its welded, skrewed, glued all at the same time, balance is important , otherwise you obviously tilt and fall. It folds up pretty neatly and its light,which might be an important issue cos i have to drag it around without a car sometimes. There are ladders made entirely of wood, they are heavy but steady, Felicity and Molotov just had one of those made, its heavy alright,,, but steady. maybe you can find them on the net, they are based in San Francisco, so am I, (though I am in Europe at the moment, working for a couple of weeks), ok ladder, check out Rhys he also does a ladder show. I dont have the name of their websites here with me , but I am sure Jim would know.
Anyway, there are lots of ways, if you still need help and /or ideas e-mail me through my website (its kind of down at present, but you can still click on the info@ ..... link and that goes to me.

Gotta run, good luck
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Rhys Thomas can be found at


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