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Default My little head

Hola y'all!! I'm Maria and I am so happy to have found!!! I am a Texas born performer living in Mexico. My friends and me started preforming about 2 years ago. It was an accident really. We are just a bunch of kids who enjoy fire, acrobatics, costumes and attention. We were playing on the beach and someone offered us money to do it at party. Money is nice. So we started putting together shows and trying to sell them. Our dedication is huge. We all quit our day jobs rented a big house together and focus full force on performance. It's been fun and we have come a long way, but we are still poor as hell. We are green and new, and lack a mentor who can show us the ropes. I have about a million and 1 question for y'all, but I'm gonna try to go slow and ask one thing at a time....
I'm just so excited to pick your brains and finally talk with people who know what they are doing... very cool!
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