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Jester Rumpel's 24 Hour Show (a little bit of it)...

Rumpel wishing well...

You may find this amusing or not...
the last 9 mins of my 24 hour show
in the Netherlands at the EJC in 2001.
Lucky i have any footage at all because
someone gave it to me 2-3 yrs after the show.

Kind of ridiculous i have very little footage
after all the epic stints i've done over the years.
Sadly much footage has been lost, either in the post,
people can't find it, accidently taped over or forgotten
If you happen to have any
let me know by crikey!
It's nice to look back on it...
like this show i did almost nine years ago.

Funny i put it up on April Fool's Day.

Anyway here's something:


Rumpel the Kangaroo Fool of Oz!

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