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Ass Promo video take two

Okay, after taking lots of advice and sitting in front of my computer for a few days going through all my videos, I put together this promo. Please let me know what you think. There are already a few things I want to change... but I'm sure I'm blind to a dozen other things wrong with it, so if you have a few minutes, please viciously tear it apart for me!
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I'm not bothering to phrase nicely because it's overall pretty good and I'm tired So take these as if they are diplomatically worded.

Footage is really good quality - easy to see, good lighting, even though the stage stuff looks lower-budget it's still clean footage and it's sandwiched between clearly "high dollar" gigs (client's perception).

Stage stuff drags, shorter cuts on the tennis racket stuff - it makes it look like that's all you do. Also, use some subtitles, I can't hear you here after the sharp caliber of the TV show sound.

"Occasions" is spelled incorrectly.

Put an email or phone by which they can contact you without having to go through another step. Right now, watch video, open new window, type website (which the client will misspell because "vicious" is a less-common word to type and don't get me started on "vaudeville"), search website for contact info...blah blah blah. Let me watch the video and book you NOW.

Look for shorter clips as the video nears the end - the music accelerates, let's see the visuals accelerate, too.

Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks Isabella! Lots of things I didnt notice, so I really appreciate it. From your suggestion: I've added subtitles, phone/email and correct spelling. The other things aren't such easy fixes, but I'm working on it.
The tennis racket and contortion stuff is usually what I get hired for, so I put more of that in than the other material. I will try cutting some out and see how it looks; I don't want it to get boring or repetitive.
The pacing towards the end is the main thing I've been struggling with from the get go. I think the first half with the "as seen on" tags looks pretty good, but after that scenes seem out of place and it loses momentum. I'm trying to put a series of shorter cuts of all the stunts I perform during this part, but getting it to flow together is a challenge.. especially since its all from different sources and in different settings.
Back to the drawing board. If anyone else has any comments, let me have it.
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I think you definitely need shorter clips, and/or quicker cuts, especially if you are going to describe the act as "fast-paced"; right now, the pacing makes a 3-minute-plus-change promo feel a little long.

Nice skills, BTW!

Swami Yomahmi
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the font you use is alright, but the shadow effect makes it appear a bit blurry or out of focus. If you want to do the shadow, maybe use a different shade
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I did a little tweaking and here is the outcome:

Let me know if you think its improved at all and if its ready for consumption.

Frisbee, I agree that the shadow effect isn't helping any. Just haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet.

Stephon, thanks for the tips. The pacing is killing me on this thing. do you think it feels long to the point of it not being presentable? I'm thinking I may just leave it as is at this point and start using it at least until I get more footage.
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"Available for all events and occasions" makes it sound like you have no work.
Most bookers want acts that are successful.

Who is the video targeting? If you try to reach everyone, you'll sell to no one.

Most of the live tennis racket stuff can still be cut. The parts that have captions can give the impression that you're not a professional act; since you can't be heard by the viewer.
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