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Default Balloon Twisting To Supplement Juggling

I am putting together a juggling show but it is coming along slowly. I am anxious to get out on the street though. A performer I knew suggested doing balloon animals then juggling in between people getting balloons. I wanted to know what people thought of this approach.

-Jonathan E.o.S
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If you are in a half way decent spot there will be no "inbetween balloons" My experiance is the second you tie one balloon you are no longer anything but a balloon artist for the rest of the day.
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Daniel Mooncalf
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Agreed. Once that first balloon starts, you'll be twisting forever. If you go from juggling to balloon twisting, your entire audience will walk.
It's a family show, so get your asses over here!
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Lex Brodie
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What about making the act of twisting the balloons a performance in itself? Maybe you can fill some balloons with something heavy and juggle THEM, you can in effect be a balloon twister who has more "pizazz" than any other that people have seen?

Reading around the web, it seems the balloon "fraternity" is a very nice, helpful, one too.

I have a more than passing interest in this because I'm trying to get a friend of mine into it. He'd done some twisting in the past when he was working as a "santa's elf" or something, and his "life" right now is a pretty sad show. He needs to get out doing SOMETHING positive, and I'm about ready to start balloon twisting myself to get him going.
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