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Lex Brodie
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Thumbs Up And now, a word about my hero

Aric Leavitt. Not Eric. Aric.

I first met him at the Sunnyvale farmer's market, or rather, heard him. I love the banjo, not so crazy about his singing, but I think this is because I'm not that schooled in folk music, the real folk music.

From seeing him, repeatedly, I got comfortable enough to talk to him a bit.

Now keep in mind at this time I was self employed, driving a Prius, and basically being a good little cog in the Machine.

I met him one day after picking up a carload of electronic surplus, my car was stuffed, and he had tons of money in his case. I said, "There must be $100 in there", he replied, "There's more than that", I said, "How do you know?" he said, "There was more than that the first time I emptied it". He wanted a ride to the Greyhound station which I was sorry I couldn't give, since my car was so full.

A later time he tried to convince me I needed his book, all about the Illuminati and the Trilateral Commission, and the Bildersbergs and all that. I declined, lol.

After I became well, homeless, the guy whose couch I paid to sleep on at night, turned out to know Aric also. I heard more Aric stories, and figured out that he was well, a bit more to the right politically than I am, in fact Aric is the kind of self-sufficient type that's been rare in this country for a long time.

How do I explain this? Maybe 4-5 years ago, Aric sounded and lived like a wing-nut. Now, he's basically the smartest guy in the room. He hasn't changed, not at all. He was just smart enough to prepare for these times we're in ahead of time.

Why is he my hero? Let me name the ways ....

He truly loves folk music. He's played it for decades and it truly devoted to his craft.

He has a work ethic - gets out there and DOES it. Puts in the hours.

He stands up for what he believes in. He'd differ with my politically on a lot of things but he's not wishy-washy, he walks the walk. None of this hating on the gov't and then getting every handout possible, nope.

He lives as much as humanly possible without the aid or permission of Big Brother. He's one of the very few really free people you'll meet.

And I've never seen him be cross or un-professional with anyone.

Aric, you are my hero and wherever you are out there, take care.
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