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AJ Shifty Jnr
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Default Spain 2010

Hi All,
Theses requests never seem to get much response but...does anyone have an update on performing circle shows in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Granada) this year? I had no plans to head down there but now se good friends are down there and the weather pretty much everywhere else on this continent counts as winter where I come from...anyway there were rumours of crackdowns and rah rah...I use voice amplification (which I can do without) and a fire eat and juggle (which I can't)...anyone got news? Would be appreciated...
AJ Shify Jnr
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Dr. Street
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go to malaga you can do circle shows and no permit needed.
Dr. Street
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I also plan to check out Spain this winter, I heard from friends who work in Barcelona that there is some sort of lottery/assigning spots for a day, as musicians/loud shows can't be too close to each other. I would love to learn more, and I wonder if this is only for acts with music...
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