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Default R.I.P. Kevin Morrison

Kevin Morrison who in his prime was known by many as one of the toughest hecklers in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (If not the world) He heckled usually without saying a word. Others knew him as a story teller, who always who talk your ear off for hours if you let him and you did if you were smart. He was used as the basis behind plays and several characters in books.

Some people hated him, some people loved him. Most saw him as an essential part/challenge of the fringe experience.

My first year at the fringe festival I met him before the lottery and we became friends. (I loved his stories) Later I watched him walk into every show with his extremely polished heckling routine. I accepted him as a performer in his own right. After he had gone into everybody's show "except for mine", and even some shows twice I cornered him asking him why I hadn't been targeted. He stated he was my friend, and didn't feel it was appropriate. I explained it was an insult to treat me any differently. Could have been one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.

Sunny day, High Street, perfect time, perfect show. I'd never before had everything click like It did that day. It was then I saw Kevin making a bee line down the Royal Mile with purpose. I knew MY day had come. Those words I had spoken to him started ringing in my head like a church bell ringing.

In the end something clicked into place and Kevin became part of the show. I let him pick my volunteers which I'd never done before. He naturally seemed to sense everything, and somehow it clicked. I saw other performers climbing poles to watch it unfold. It was magic everything blended together and worked like it had never done before.

Too this day I consider it one of the best shows I've been apart of, and all do to a master heckler named Kevin.

When I think of the fringe he'll always be part of it for that.


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sad to hear this Tim. I have a fair few memories of his silent heckling at the fringe. And even one where he was the 'hat' for some ones show, (can't remember who) and was gifted the cash in front of the audience. about 2/3rds of a bucket of cash. left him and us in tears. a memory I will never forget.

(it was the eyepatch that gave it away.)
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