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Lurk Buskers revisited on Channel 10.

THERE is a chance later today to re-live all the colour, excitement and laughter of the recent Coffs Harbour International Buskers and Comedy Festival.

This afternoon, Channel Ten’s new lifestyle program, Making Tracks Across Australia, which aired for the first time last week, will feature coverage of the Busker’s Festival.

Busker’s promoter John Logan said he had been told there will be extensive air time devoted to the event.

“They came and filmed on the Wednesday in the city centre and took in the action of many of the shows,” Mr Logan said.

“While we have featured in numerous snippets before, we are really proud to finally have the Buskers Festival highlighted in a major free to air program and prominently featured on national TV.

“We want everyone to watch it – they might even see themselves.”

Discuss, what are the chances of a transaction taking place wherein the worth of all this "free to air" footage is negotiated. Packaged as all TV is, to sell toothpaste and sundries the content of TV production has worth.

If it's not directly transacted we go to secondary symbiotic advantages.
The festival gets publicity, the city gets publicity, all no loss assets,
The Production crew get free content of a professional quality.
The performers get?

"You might even see yourself."
I know that is out of context and directed at the public rather than any performer but that boils down to the advantage you gain.
That and poss a snippet of film and something else for the resume.

I've been waiting for this development. The staging of a festival as a means to create content for a subsequent media.

I believe it will lead to festivals going live online as well as on site in the future. Performers need to think about the ongoing worth of the content they generate that is used by others for their own financial schemes.

Otherwise vampires like channel ten and whoever arranged for this 30 minute cheap as fuck to produce because you don't pay the content providers anything program will continue to take advantage of the inability of those performers to recognise the worth of their content, their recorded shows as entertainment as used to sell toothpaste.

Schools of thought.
"I don't care it's all publicity."
"I don't mind as such it's just being treated like some plonker while people make money off me without so much as a "thank you let me buy you dinner."

We need our own producer and we need to produce a televised or online group show every year and the hat is the google ad money.
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