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Default Studio Promo Photo Sessions

Yo guys, Just putting this out there.
I've still got my photo studio ready for action in Lancaster PA if you want new promo photos.
I don't want to get all salesy about this, photography is not how I make a living, or how I want to make a living, but I do like doing it and I like helping out my performer friends. I think I have a decent understanding of variety performer promo needs and how ya'lls branding works.
Session fee is $400. For that you get an entire day of shooting, and 8 photos heavily fixed up. You get to keep all the other photos as well (all with minor touch ups like color and exposure correction). No usage fees or any hassles like that, it's $400 flat. For the amount of work I put into these sessions, it's a pretty nominal fee.
I think it's a nominal fee, but if you cant afford it I'll consider some kind of trade, or you can bring a performer friend and split the day (as long as you want similar types of shots), I don't care. I'd love to meet more of you in person, have some beers at the end of a productive day, and trade some road stories.

Okay, that's all I'm gonna say about it this year. If you want to do this, shoot me a message or give me a call and schedule a day. I'm not gonna chase you down for this, so if you tell me your interested I'll just wait for you to call and schedule a day, I not gonna call you to hassle you to do it.

Here is my photo website that I haven't updated in like two years.


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